Aug 9, 2013

Parents Gone WILD! Recording Children Dirty Dancing.

It's Our Responsibility To Teach Our Children Better & Keep Them Safe! 

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Every so often I come across a video where I see elementary age children dancing provocatively to songs that are meant for a mature audience.

I can remember a few years ago seeing a little girl as young as 4-years-old singing Rihanna's "Rude Boy" song on a Facebook video. She was swaying her head from side to side, popping her lips and moving her upper body as if she understood the lyrics. I wondered to myself; "Who posted this video?"

Another time I can recall among other sites circulating a video of small children dirty dancing on each other during a birthday party. The children were encouraged by adults to get their freak on with one another. Allegedly, those parents were charged with child abuse.

Today while scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I came crossed this video which pissed me off to the highest pistivity. This video is of a little girl dancing provocatively (twerking) to a song sung by Ciara. What is worse about this video, the little girl turns around for a brief moment to get approval from the person recording. In my mournful heart I asked, "Why would someone want their precious daughter seen in this light? What is the point the "videographer" trying to make? What is the message they are trying to convey by posting this video?"

After watching this video, I decided to read the comment section. Many viewers were asking, Where is this child's mother? The sad reality could be that the mother of this child very well could be the person standing behind the camera while her little angle gyrate provocatively for all the world to see.

If I can be real for a moment. I am a product of being molested as a child by a sick minded adult. No I was not dancing provocatively. However, I was violated by a sick individual who didn't care about me as a person or the fact I was a child. He only cared about fulfilling the sexual craving he had living on the inside of him. It is awful to imagine the child in the video above ever being confronted by a perverted monster with a sexual appetite for a child. God Forbid.  But it could happen. It is no fun having your innocents taken away. It is scary as well as life changing.

As a parent, it is our duty to shied and protect our children. Not throw them to the wolves. It is irresponsible for a parent to allow their young child to listen to music and or imitate dance moves that are meant for an adult audience. We can't for the sake of social popularity allow Ciara, Rihanna, Beyonce or any other provocative performer to be role models in our children lives. And if this is the case, the performers are not to blame.....However the parents are to blame. The worst part of recording children behaving badly, it shows the authentic heart and maturity level of the parent. We have to teach our children to honor their bodies. We must create circumstances where they can stay children for as long as they can.


  1. What!? I don't know what those parents are thinking. The other day I was at the gas station and I looked over to the car next to me and there was a girl, could not have been older than 10 who was "grinding." I looked over at the mother who just smiled and didn't say or do anything. I was pretty shocked!

  2. I want my beautiful girls to be seen as beautiful, smart, amazing individuals. Anyone can be a "loose" I hate to use the words we apply to this, because this is an innocent child. We should teach our children that they are worth so much more than simply being a sex symbol and for someone elses visual pleasure. Sure they should be beautiful, but in a classy way! My husband just commented the other day after watching the movie spring break (without the kids I should preface) that "Disney is sure producing sluts" It's sad but true, they teach them to be sexual from a young age. But sadly, most of the networks are doing this. My kids watch a lot of the UP network lately, and we don't even go to church. I just like the wholesome values taught!

  3. I'm going to be completely honest here...I had to look up "Twerk" because I had no Earthly idea what that was. Of course, had I not gotten caught up on that and scrolled down a little further I would have seen the video, but...

    Now, to the point. I agree with your level of pisivity 100%. These videos are something that is beyond words. These parents are absolutely--I just don't even know what to call them...irresponsible just seems so inadequate. I am so glad that I'm not the only one that thinks these videos are disgraceful.

    Not that this makes it okay, but this is the type of "dancing" that dance classes teach little girls now. I have a 7 year old niece who is in 3 different dance classes right now. One of them, "Hip Hop" dance class, is teaching her this garbage. I can't believe that her parents actually let her take the class.

    This was a great post, Keianna. I saw your reply on a post on Blogelina about lack of comments and had to come check out your blog.


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