Jan 29, 2014

Shanti Walker "Share Your Hair Program" Is Currently Looking for Lock Donations.

Lock Donation Center: Madam Walker's Braids, Lockery & School

Screenshot photo of Shanti Walker. Lock wig made with
donated Locks from his "Share Your Hair Program".
Shanti Walker "Share Your Hair Program" is currently looking for Sisterlocks and Traditional Lock donations. "Share Your Hair Program" goal is to collect donated Locked hair to create wigs and natural looking hair pieces for people suffering from Cancer, Alopecia, and other illnesses that may cause them to loose their hair.

Before and after photo's of a woman who has benefit greatly
from Shanti's "Share Your Hair Program".

"Help me help someone else. When you cut hair, don't throw it away. Turn those trimmings into a treasure for a person going through hair loss." Shanti Walker

Shanti Walker making a client feel like a million bucks.

To donate your Locks, call Shanti 301-505-5313 or visits Madam Walker's Braids, Lockery & School website: www.madamwalkersbraids.com

Dec 31, 2013

My Family Was Featured In The Washington Post.

Photo taken by Mr. Courtland Milloy: My husband, I and our children.

Local Columnist Courtland Milloy wrote a fun holiday article featuring my family entitled, "New home is Christmas present for one family" I will like to thank Mr. Milloy for sharing our story with the world. This experience was fun and exciting. To see a nice photo of our family in the local news paper, with a positive story attached to it is incredible! His article was one more awesome 2013 highlight my family will remember for years to come. I hope you all enjoy the article. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Oct 13, 2013

Mommy Confession Series: Natural Hair for Children. "MY TWINS CUT OFF THEIR HAIR!"

 A Mom's Story: When Life Gave Her Lemons, She Made Lemonade.

 I was given permission to make these pictures public by my young clients mom.
On May 9, 2013, I received an email message from one of my devoted clients. Let's call her Mrs. Mom B. Her message read: 

"Hi Miss Keianna!

I hope you and the family are doing well.

I am writing you today with sad/bad news. You might not be seeing us for awhile, because on Tuesday night...the twins CUT THEIR HAIR. They essentially look like they had a bad case of ringworm. They didn't simply cut length...they cut all the way down to the scalp. (See attached picture for an example. Please don't post it....too embarrassing.) And it's in patches all over the top of their head (oddly enough, they didn't really mess with the back of their hair.) They did all this while we were in church for choir rehearsal. They were in one of the Sabbath School rooms (for kids), which is attached to the room we rehearse in. Apparently, they found some safety scissors and went to town. 

Anyway, because of the size of the "bald spots", and because of the "patchy" way in which they cut their hair, I can't use braids or anything like that to hide what they did. So....I'll be forced to cut it off.

It's funny...cause I was planning to write you to take advantage of the Mojo Monday special....and then THIS happened...smh/lol

Anyway, since you're their "official" stylist (hehe)...I thought you should know. Plus, since we won't be  there for awhile. I definitely don't want you to think that we aren't your clients anymore. We WILL be returning...once some hair grows back.

Mrs. Mom B"

 Mrs. Mom B has since given me permission to share her story as well as photos of her daughters hair here on Chi Chi Sophistication Kids Blog.

Photo of the twins hair before they cut their hair off.

 I have to be honest. When I saw the pictures of the girls hair cut off for the first time, I wanted to cry. I thought about the girls going back to school after this incident & how mean children can be sometimes. But I remembered the story Jamesha shared on Natural Hair Care for Children Facebook Fan Page. I shared that same story with Mrs. Mom B. After much back & forth dialog between the two of us via email, we both came away from the conversation uplifted & encouraged.

Days later Mrs. Mom B sent me a message. "OMG!" I said to myself. It was pictures of the girls new hairstyles. THEY LOOK GREAT! I was so proud of Mrs. Mom B. She made the choice to turn a bad situation around for the good. She recognized that hair can grow back.....it will grow back. She didn't scold the girls for making a mistake. She didn't allow herself to be ashamed of her daughters. She took her daughters to the barbershop & gave them the funkiest, most trendiest hairstyle ever. A Mohawk. Mrs. Mom B & her girls came away from this situation smiling from ear to ear. Mom turned Lemons into Lemonade.

Photo of the twins hair after getting their hair cut at the barber shop. They look GOOD! Little Fashionistas.

What would your reaction be if your daughter cut off her hair? Share your thoughts.

Oct 12, 2013

Welcome To The Family Bre! My 1-year-old Daughter Natural Hair Introduction.

 First Post Beginning Her Natural Hair Care Archive.

 3 of My Babies:  Be', Baby Bre & Rave.

 Bre was first introduced to the world via Facebook in September 2012; However, this is her first appearance on Chi Chi Sophistication Kids. She is my youngest and 5th child. YES! MY 5TH CHILD! lol She is my second daughter. I am grateful God blessed my family with Bre. She has been the extra joy my family needed this past year.

Baby Bre & Be' wearing the headband & flower comb hair accessories I made for them this past summer.

Bre will be joining my daughter Be', my son Rave, & I on this phenomenal natural hair journey. When her big sister Be' was a baby, I didn't know anything about natural hair care. I learned over time. Things will be much different for Bre. I am wiser & confident in caring for natural hair. As you can see in the photos above, Bre doesn't have much hair. It is going to be awesome learning about her hair & watching it grow.

Moms who have more than one daughter: What natural hair care tips did you learn over time that you didn't know when your first daughter began her journey? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Oct 7, 2013

Daddy Daughter Date Night at Chick-fil-A St. Charles Towne Center

Save-The-Date Monday October 14, 2013

Monday October 14, 2013 is Daddy Daughter Date! Dads and Daughters create memories as they spend time together. This event will be held at Chick-fil-A at St. Charles Towne Center and all other participating local locations. Attending is free however does not included the cost of food. Visit Chick-fil-A  to make reservations. Reservation times are 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm. This event will be held at St. Charles Mall and not at the Waldorf restaurant this year due to remodeling. For more information visit Chick-fil-A St. Charles Towne Center website http://www.cfarestaurant.com/stcharlestownecenter/home

Oct 6, 2013

How To Turn A Protective Style Inspiration Into A Masterpiece.

You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To! 

 Inspiration can come from anything at any given time. To be inspired by something or someone, one has to be open to new idea's. When someone is inspired, that person somehow gets the sudden urge to do something creative based off the influence they saw from something or someone else. To be inspired is an awesome place to be mentally. Creativity is conceived which brings forth a masterpiece in the end.

Photo via Google Images

Let's take this hairstyle I've found via Google Images for example. Even as a hairstylist, I couldn't imitate this hairstyle because it isn't my creation. However, I was inspired to put my own spin on this hairstyle based off my own abilities. I am fully aware of my strengths & weaknesses. Just because I can't do something the exact same way as someone else doesn't mean I am not good at what I do. The same rule also applies to you. Just because you are not a hairstylist doesn't mean your hairstyles are not just as good. Embrace your truth. Love what you have and will create with your hands.

Here is my version of the beautiful hairstyle featured above. There are small similarities between the two hairstyles yet my version was shaped to be more age appropriate for a child. I love my version just as much as I love the original. Through inspiration, I was able to recreate this hairstyle.

I write this to say, you can do anything you put your mind to. If you see a hairstyle you wish to imitate (in the words of Nike) JUST DO IT! No your version may not be the exact same as the original but you have put your own creative spin on it which makes it a MASTERPIECE! 

Sep 29, 2013

eBraiding/eNaturals September 2013 Monthly Newsletter

eBraiding,net Your Online Source For Hair Braiding.

Photo Source From eBraiding.net

Click the link below to view eBraiding/eNaturals September 2013 Monthly News Letter.

Sep 15, 2013

Blog Is Currently Under Construction.

Hello Everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience but Chi Chi Sophistication Kids Blog is currently under construction. Improvements are being made so you can better navigate our blog. Things should be back to normal in a few days. Please be patient with us. Stay Tuned. If you have any questions & or concerns of any kind, please contact me at chichisophistication@comcast.net. Thank you for your support. 

Sep 14, 2013

Sep 11, 2013

September 11: 12-years Later. Remembering 3 D.C. Public School Students.

Remembering Bernard Brown, Asia Cottom, & Rodney Dickens.

Bernard Brown, Asia Cottom & Rodney Dickens were 11-year-old 6 grade students who attended D.C. Public Schools. All 3 children were on American Airlines Flight 77 heading to Channel Island Santa Barbara CA to attend a field trip to National Geographic Society Ecology Conference when it was hijacked by 5 al-Qaeda terrorist who crashed the plane into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

 I was personally touched by the stories told by the families and news coverage of these 3 children back in 2001. Bernard & Rodney lived and attended school in Southeast Washington D.C. An area where I was living during that time period. This tragedy was extremely close to home. Seeing pictures of their sweet little faces on the news really broke my heart. I couldn't help but to think of how their lives were just beginning when 5 cowards boarded the same airplane and changed lives forever.

12 years later, September 11, 2013 these children would have been 23-years-old.  Today I want to honor Bernard Brown, Asia Cottom & Rodney Dickens. I want to celebrate their childhood, the love they had for their families and the love they had for education. May the peace of God be with the families represented through the eyes of these 3 little children, every victim who died on September 11 as well as families affected by this tragedy all over the world.

Bernard Curtis Brown was an 11-years-old, student at Leckie Elementary School in Southeast Washington D.C. He loved school & was a huge basketball fan, preferably Michael Jordan. Bernard has a Space Camp Scholarship in his honor. Visit the website Military Child Education Coalition.

Asia SiVon Cottom was an 11-years-old, new student at Backus Middle School in Northeast Washington D.C.. The same school where her father worked as an basketball coach aide and beyond. Asia loved Tweety Bird and enjoyed playing with Barbie Dolls. Asia has a scholarship in her honor Asia Cottom.

Rodney Dickens was an 11-years-old student at Ketcham Elementary School in Southeast Washington DC. Rodney enjoy his family, playing with his siblings and he love wrestling. (Note: I was unsuccessful at finding a charity, foundation or scholarship in honor of Rodney Dickens. If you find anything honoring his legacy, please leave a message in the comment section so I can share it.)

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Airlines_Flight_77
All photo's were found in Google search.

 Bernard Curtis Brown: 

Asia SiVon Cottom:

Rodnet Dickens:

Aug 28, 2013

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, 50th Anniversary March On Washington.

Because He Cared, I Am Able To Be Hopeful.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man I have learned about all my life. I've observed his infamous "I Have A Dream" speech since I was in grade school. He has without doubt touched my life in a delightful way.  Dr. King was the motivation behind why I took a class in African American Studies when I was in college. He is one of my favorite civil rights leaders. Because of his dream, I am able to dream. I am able to do my best at whatever I set my mind to accomplish. I am able today to be proud of my heritage in spite of the negative views relating to African Americans today. I am very grateful for the changes that has come & am hopeful for more changes to come to pass.

I really wish Dr. King was alive today to see the fantastic impact he has made on the world. It is a shame to have pored your whole heart/soul into a cause & not see the benefits of the seeds you have sown. May freedom continue to ring. Happy 50th Anniversary on the March On Washington Dr. Martin Luther King.

What impact Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech has had on your life? or in one word, how would you describe Dr. Kings Character to your child? feel free to share your thoughts.

Aug 25, 2013

Protective Hair Style: Cornrows & Nubian Twist Up-Do For Kids

Using Nubian Kinky Hair by the Gina Collection

Facts about this hairstyle:
  • It is considered a protective style.
  • The cornrows are 100% natural hair (no hair added).
  • The Hair in the middle is Nubian Kinky Hair by the Gina Collection.
  • Hair must be tied down with a hair scarf or bonnet during sleeping hours in order to last 2 to 3 weeks. 

Why Nubian Kinky Hair by the Gina Collection?
I have been using this brand of hair for 3 years. I like this brand of hair because....
  • It can be found in any beauty supply store.
  • It is inexpensive $9.99 a pack.
  •  The fiber is easy to use
  • It can pass as natural hair (looks identical to coarse hair)

Special Tips for Imitating This Style: There is no right or wrong way to achieve this hairstyle. Be as creative as possible with the cornrows. The more creative you are, the better this style will turn out. Don't be afraid to get crazy with this hairstyle. Even if it is for a child. ;-)

 If you are unable to purchase Nubian Kinky Hair by the Gina Collection in your local beauty supply store, visit GINA Braiding Hair J&H International Inc website.

Aug 21, 2013

Back 2 School Hairstyle: Cornrows & Beads

Be's Back 2 School Protective Style.

  Lately, I've been physically drained preparing for my family & I big move. On Saturday Aug. 17, My sister Trina volunteered to help me out by styling Be's hair for her first day of Kindergarten. I was so grateful for her assistance because I needed an extra pair of hands to help me prepare for the back to school rush.

 In preparation, Be's hair was washed, conditioned/moisturize & blow dried fairly straight. This is Be's first length check in months. Honestly, I can't recall her last length check. (slapping my hand "bad mommy") Trina is always amazed at the length of Be's hair when it is blow dried. I personally love shrinkage. I typically style Be's hair while wet which often doesn't show the real length of her hair.

 Once Trina finished dressing Be's hair with beads, her protective hairstyle was complete. My sister & I love either white or clear beads on Be's hair. I find that solid color beads look more organized on Be's hair & compliments her outfits better than colorful beads. All in all, I am very pleased with my sister's work. I can tell by the sounds of the beads "clicking & clacking" together, Be' was very pleased with her hair too.

Share your thoughts: How do you like Be's protective hairstyle? Have you ever had a family member or friend come & style your daughter/son hair? Was it a blessing or a curse? 

Aug 9, 2013

Parents Gone WILD! Recording Children Dirty Dancing.

It's Our Responsibility To Teach Our Children Better & Keep Them Safe! 

Photo Source 

Every so often I come across a video where I see elementary age children dancing provocatively to songs that are meant for a mature audience.

I can remember a few years ago seeing a little girl as young as 4-years-old singing Rihanna's "Rude Boy" song on a Facebook video. She was swaying her head from side to side, popping her lips and moving her upper body as if she understood the lyrics. I wondered to myself; "Who posted this video?"

Another time I can recall DimeWars.com among other sites circulating a video of small children dirty dancing on each other during a birthday party. The children were encouraged by adults to get their freak on with one another. Allegedly, those parents were charged with child abuse.

Today while scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I came crossed this video which pissed me off to the highest pistivity. This video is of a little girl dancing provocatively (twerking) to a song sung by Ciara. What is worse about this video, the little girl turns around for a brief moment to get approval from the person recording. In my mournful heart I asked, "Why would someone want their precious daughter seen in this light? What is the point the "videographer" trying to make? What is the message they are trying to convey by posting this video?"

After watching this video, I decided to read the comment section. Many viewers were asking, Where is this child's mother? The sad reality could be that the mother of this child very well could be the person standing behind the camera while her little angle gyrate provocatively for all the world to see.

If I can be real for a moment. I am a product of being molested as a child by a sick minded adult. No I was not dancing provocatively. However, I was violated by a sick individual who didn't care about me as a person or the fact I was a child. He only cared about fulfilling the sexual craving he had living on the inside of him. It is awful to imagine the child in the video above ever being confronted by a perverted monster with a sexual appetite for a child. God Forbid.  But it could happen. It is no fun having your innocents taken away. It is scary as well as life changing.

As a parent, it is our duty to shied and protect our children. Not throw them to the wolves. It is irresponsible for a parent to allow their young child to listen to music and or imitate dance moves that are meant for an adult audience. We can't for the sake of social popularity allow Ciara, Rihanna, Beyonce or any other provocative performer to be role models in our children lives. And if this is the case, the performers are not to blame.....However the parents are to blame. The worst part of recording children behaving badly, it shows the authentic heart and maturity level of the parent. We have to teach our children to honor their bodies. We must create circumstances where they can stay children for as long as they can.

Aug 3, 2013

Smithsonian Museum Dismissed Trayvon Martin Hoodie Exhibit.

Will The Smithsonian Museum Be The Final Resting Place For Trayvon Martin's Hoodie In The Near Future?

Trayvon Martin, 17-year-old teen shot and killed on February 26, 2012  by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

   Over the course of a few days, there have been much speculation as to whether Trayvon Martin Hoodie will be displayed at the Smithsonian Museum here in Washington D.C.

   However, The Smithsonian released this statement Friday August 2, 2013 via Facebook:

   "The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture is not currently seeking to add Trayvon Martin's hoodie to its collection. We recognize that certain items related to the Trayvon Martin trail could one day have historical value and provide a way to study and discuss race in America. Acquiring any object for our museum involves rigorous consultation with team of museum historians and curators. Any items connected to the Trayvon Martin case-should they even become available-would have to go through that lengthy process."

The hoodie Trayvon Martin was wearing when he died.
   I personally would like to see Trayvon's hoodie displayed here at the Smithsonian Museum. I think this tragedy should be remember for years to come. I think everyone should be reminded that racial profiling is real and present today. Racial profiling is wrong and should never be done.  Share your thoughts. Would you like to see an exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum dedicated to Trayvon Martin?

Resource: Smithsonian Museum Facebook Page,  LA times

Jul 31, 2013

Jul 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day 2013

Freedom - Self - Determination - Power - Strength In The Lives Of Our Children.

Featured Independence Day Hair Style;
Creative Cornrows with Red, White & Blue Beads.
  Independence, one word that is embedded in the hearts of people all over the world yet depending on who you talk to has a deep and personal meaning as to why it is important to them. No matter what that personal meaning is, everyone wants to be FREE to do what they want to do.

   What a wonderful day in the world where our children can be adventurous in the kinds of hairstyles they choose to wear. Whether it be an Afro, Locs, Mini Braids, Double Strand Twist, Cornrows or Extensions, our children can wear these styles in freedom and with pride.

   Our hair as been the focus point relating to every negative/derogatory name in the book in the history of this country and beyond. I am glad to be a standard-bearer in this day in age. Leading every child who's hair I've touched with my hands to feel comfortable, powerful & enlightened with strength to be proud of the skin they 're living in as well as the texture of their hair.

 I will continue to plant seeds of self love & acceptance while providing the hair with proper care.

   Parents, Friends & Stylist, continue to style the heck out of your little ones hair. Oh, & don't forget to tell them how smart & beautiful they are. Positive self-esteem begins at home. Let's keep our children smiling from ear to ear.

What does Independence mean to you on this day? Feel Free to share your thoughts. I hope you liked today's featured hairstyle: Creative Cornrows with Red, White & Blue Beads.